Tegra Corporation

Tegra Corporation, formerly known as Terminal Grain, was founded in 1918 on Midwestern values of honesty, trust, fairness, and mutual success for our customers, employees, and our company. Although we’ve grown from originally operating grain elevators in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota, our values have stayed the same.

Focused on sustainable growth, Tegra Corporation is the parent company of Big Soo Terminal, Big Soo Warehouse, and Sioux Rubber & Urethane.  Tegra Corporation provides management, advice, coaching, and back-end support for our portfolio of companies. We are focused on our best-in-class industrial operations throughout the Midwest and continue to explore opportunities for growth through partnerships, acquisitions, and start-ups.

Sioux City Rubber & Urethane

Sioux Rubber & Urethane started operations over three decades ago. Over that time period Sioux Rubber & Urethane has earned a reputation in its industry for being an on-time, high-quality supplier of rubber-faced products and urethane products. 

Our Midwestern location and values translate into better service and support for you. Here in the Midwest, extraordinary customer service is an every day occurrence.

Big Soo Terminal

Big Soo Terminal is one of the largest diversified terminals on the inland waterway system. The facility can service all types of products by barge, rail or truck. Dry bulk storage buildings hold over 115,000 tons, liquid product storage for 6,000,000 gallons, palletized packaged goods storage for thousands of pallets, 200,000 bushel elevator for grain and unlimited ground storage are available. Handling stations have secondary containment systems and are geared to move up to 250 tons per hour. Rail service provided by the UP railroad.

Big Soo Terminal is located in Sioux City, IA at the intersection of I-29 and Singing Hills Blvd, on the Missouri River at mile 728.

Big Soo Warehouse

Big Soo Warehouse is a third party logistics provider with a secure, high-quality 100,000 square foot warehouse. Located next to I-29, Highway 20 and Highway 75, as well as the local Union Pacific Rail line, we are set up to provide supply chain services and warehousing solutions for your Midwest business operations. 

Big Soo Warehouse offers both short and long term storage opportunities. In addition, we have extensive experience with pick and pack, cross-docking, freight consolidation and other supply chain services providing Midwest businesses with distribution center services and logistical flexibility.


Lite-Form is a manufacturer of high-efficiency building systems, engineered to perfection and built to last.


Blockchain Productivity

Blockchain Productivity helps our partners understand and deploy managed systems for bulk computing applications. We deliver transformational cost structure through hosted solutions. We can deliver significant value on premises and at the Edge as well. This allows us to deliver a unique IaaS solution for a world that is quickly evolving beyond cloud.